Golf Tournament

Our 2018 Par Fore The Cure Golf Classic Jimmy Fund Golf Tournament and Clambake a Huge Success

In June 2018, we again held our golf tournament with simultaneous shotgun starts on two separate courses. With more than 90 golfers, volunteers, and family and friends joining the clambake, we all combined to help us donate over $7,000 for brain tumor research, bringing our 19-year contribution total to more than $460,000.

Our 2019 tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 15. Online registration will begin on May 1


"You do a fantastic job for a great cause. This tournament couldn't be better!!"
Dave P.

"Mike and 'Crew': I tried to find you when we left the clambake the day of the tournament, but I could not find you as you were surely running around. EVERYTHING was super, the course, the food and clambake setup and especially the great volunteers you have every year. My wife could not believe what a production you and the crew put on. Our foursome thanks you for your tremendous efforts. My wife enjoyed Larry and Judith too, she got a kick out of them. They are such special kids! Maria and the other speakers really touched our hearts too. I thought the ride to the clambake was fine. You have done another great job."
John P.

"I just have to tell you a story to show you how much I enjoy the day that you put on:

"My sister had a baby recently and announce that the Christening was June 16th....I said that date did not work for me because of the tournament....This has blown into a family battle...But fear not just last night the family conceded and we are having the christening in Sept....I put my foot down because I was not going to miss this day :-)

"We have been talking about this day for a year! Everyone who came with me last year loves it as much as I do! Joe already has his foursome and he does not "gush" but he raves about the day...He said that he has never been to such a well run / fun / great cause event! You do an amazing job!"
Shellea E.

"I just wanted to thank you for organizing such a great event this weekend. It was very well organized and put together. I would have to say this was by far the best tourney I have been to. I look forward to participating again. I was also speaking with my wife when I got home about the "The Golf Ball" and we would like to attend next year. I am sure I speak for all families that are affected by brain tumors that we are very grateful for all the hard work you do to get these events together. Thank You again."
Wayne T.

"I just wanted to tell you how much fun we had on Saturday! Things turned out great and you should be extremely proud of yourself and everyone else who put the tourney together. It was a great time and I canít wait until next year."
Nicole A.

"I just wanted to let you know how much my foursome enjoyed the event...It was a great time had by all...Thank you for making this event possible!!!
We are looking forward to next year."
Jennifer G.

"Excellent job on the tourney. Just wanted to commend you. I hope to put together four teams for next year. Hands down the best tourney I've played in, and I've played in quite a few. Thanks again."
Jeremy B.

"Just a short note of thanks for a great day on Saturday. It was obvious how hard you worked to put this event together. Your volunteers couldn't have been more friendly or helpful and even the players we met, were all enjoyable. Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you next year."
Sue V.

"What a terrific day! You done good!! . . . and Sean and I had a blast (if one does not take scores into account)."
Terry G.

"You amaze me. I have to admit I worried that the clambake between the two flights would be [stressful]. Not that I thought you couldn't organize it right, but sometimes you just can't control 350 people the way you hope. Well, you did it. It went as smoothly as it could have. Another great day. Well done."
Chris D.

"Congratulations on a successful event. No small feat managing all the details. While I am sure you've [received] many a pat on the back from people [at the event], consider this one over the wire."
Ryan F.